Stadium Locker Room Tours Available To All Fans

It’s that time of year again. Saturdays are now filled with tailgates, shakers, and loud cheers ringing through Jordan-Hare. With the new addition of the largest video screen in college football, there’s a lot to be excited about this football season on the plains. Before each home game this year, Auburn fans can get an all-access, behind-the-scenes look at Jordan-Hare stadium with stadium locker room tours.

The tours are family-friendly, and give members of the Auburn community a chance to see an inside look at Auburn football. Tigerettes and Tiger Hosts, an Auburn student organization, run the tours.

“Stadium Tours are an awesome way to get inside look at game day in Jordan-Hare,” Kiani Whitehorn, the president of TTH, said. “I love meeting everyone that comes to participate. From toddlers to alumni who graduated 60 years ago, there is always a good time to be had amongst the Auburn Family.”

The tour begins with a walk through the Tiger’s Den, which is where the team enters the stadium after Tiger Walk. Tiger’s Den recently underwent a renovation, and sports a new, sleek look. This area is also where the recruits go while visiting Auburn during a game day.

photo-4“While in Tiger’s Den, fans can view a roster of Auburn All-Americans, a slideshow of Auburn Tigers in the NFL, and see photos and trophies from recent SEC and National Championship appearances,” Whitehorn said.

After snapping a photo with the 2010 BCS National Championship Trophy, fans are then led into the locker room. The players’ uniforms are neatly arranged, ready for the game, and fans can feel the history of past teams. Gus Malzahn’s sweater vest is also visible, hanging neatly in the coaches’ locker area. Jerseys from past Auburn players like Bo Jackson and Cam Newton are on display, and even the Heisman Trophy is available for fans to take photos with.

“With music playing and highlight reel running on the televisions, you feel as though you are preparing for a big game,” Whitehorn said. “Needless to say, the locker room is a consistent favorite.”

10647608_10204850614608062_1634688819_nThe tour ends with fans walking through the tunnel onto the field, taking the same path the team does when they run out on Saturday. Attendees get the chance to see Jordan-Hare empty and still, and get a view of the colossal screen from the field.

Tours are available from 4 to 6 p.m. every Friday before home games. For more information, visit

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